• League schedules are posted on the league homepages under the ‘Calendar’ tab
    • Each season is played at one host course on the designated league night

Tee Times

    • Pre-registration required to be on the tee sheet for Round 1
    • All players and teams are assigned a tee time (All requests are accommodated)
    • Registration will remain open until tee sheet is filled
    • For tee time requests or any other accommodations, please type a response in the Additional Notes textbox on the Registration Form online.


    • League coordinators form teams and finalize rosters prior to Round 1
    • Team rosters and tee times remain consistent for the season (Requests can be accommodated)
    • Substitutes are welcome to fill in for any league member(s) unable to attend
      • Substitutes eligible for same daily greens fees as league members
    • Teammate(s): If you would like to be paired with another player/team, please include their name(s) in the ‘Teammate(s) text box text box on the Registration Form

Individual members of all 1st Place teams will be entered into the Winner’s Circle Sweepstakes presented by TripCaddie

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