Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to register by?

Registration remains open until the tee sheet is filled (First come, first reserved). All leagues begin on the start date listed for each season.

Add to Waitlist will appear on the league page once the maximum number of participants have registered.

What if I am a Beginner?

Each league is a great venue for beginners and provides an opportunity to play consistently in a team environment. No handicap is required to play in any league. See Format outlines for Twilight Fours and Twilight Doubles for additional information.

Do I need an active Handicap Index® to play?

No handicap is required or used to play in any league.

  • Twilight Fours format uses a same-day handicapping system which applies to all players based on how they play each week vs. the field.
  • Twilight Doubles format is as a traditional 2-player team scramble (no handicaps). Each Twilight Doubles team is provided a national rating and ranking from Doubles Golf®. Regional and national championship playing opportunities will be awarded to A1 tier rated teams.

See Format outlines for Twilight Fours and Twilight Doubles for additional information.

Can I establish a Handicap Index® through Twilight Golf™?

Yes, you can establish a Handicap Index® by clicking the button below to join your local Allied Golf Association (AGA).

What is the cost to join?

Each league requires a one-time league entry to participate in each season.

Each league entry includes a dedicated tee time each round for you and your teammate(s), access to the Golf Genius league app for live scoring and leaderboards, along with Twilight Perks which includes a complimentary annual subscription to Golf Digest Magazine.

Visit the directory to find your league homepage for more information

2024 League Directory

How do I pay the weekly greens fees?

Each player pays their individual greens fee at each round. A majority of leagues pay-as-you-play at the counter. Some leagues require prepayment which is denoted on their league homepage (See directory below).

If you are unable to attend a round, it is required to communicate your absence using the weekly RSVP form. With proper communication, you will not be responsible to pay greens fees for missed rounds.

2024 League Directory

How are teams formed?

Twilight Fours

Register as a single, twosome, threesome or foursome

  • League coordinators pair teams together prior to Round 1.
  • Teams who register as a full team of four play together for the season
  • Partial teams also play together for the season + accompanied by single(s), twosomes to round out a team of four
  • One person can register multiple teammates by clicking “Add Player to My Team” on the Registration form.
  • If registering separately from teammates, type names in the optional ‘Teammate(s)’ textbox on the Registration form.


Twilight Doubles

Register as a single or team of two

  • League coordinators pair teams together prior to Round 1.
  • Teams who register as a team of two play together for the season
  • One person can register a team by clicking Team Entry to register
  • If registering without an assigned teammate, click Free Agent (Single) to register

Does my team play together each week?

Twilight Fours

Yes. All teams are booked a designated tee time for each round of the season which is posted on the league homepage at the beginning of the season. Any adjustments are communicated by email each week of the season. Adjustments may include factoring in daylight (sunset) or if any other teams need accommodations for an alternate tee time.


Twilight Doubles

Yes. Teams of two play together each week and rotate to play alongside another team of two in the league. Tee times rotate weekly as a result. All future round tee times can be viewed on the league homepage at the start of the season.

What if I need to miss a week of the season?

It is normal to miss a round or two over the course of a season. Communication is important.

There are three options for you and your roster for any round unable to attend:

  1.  Substitutes. Substitutes can play in place of a league member any round of the season. Substitute scores count equal toward the team score. Substitutes pay the same greens fees as league members.
  2.  Pre-playing a round. If you and/or your teammates would like to request permission to play a scheduled round early to post an eligible absentee round, please contact to connect directly with your league coordinators.
  3. If no substitute or pre-played round, please fill out Not Going in the weekly RSVP which will be delivered by email. A maximum filler score will be used for any blank scorecards (See Information Packet posted within your league homepage for additional details).
    • The RSVP notifies the Pro Shop and helps maintain your tee time privileges for the remainder of the season.
    • Failure to communicate (no-show, no-communication) will result in loss of tee time privileges.

Can we play in advance or make up a round if unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend an upcoming week, the protocol is to communicate to the Pro Shop by clicking Not Going on the weekly RSVP form (for one or more players).

  • Please request approval to pre-play a round as far in advance as possible to play and submit an 9-hole score to your league coordinator.
  • In the event of an untimely illness or emergency, you may request for approval from a league coordinator if able to complete a makeup round to post a qualifying absentee score.

Please note: Some host courses do not permit any pre-played are makeup rounds (course policy). Please contact a league coordinator in advance if you would like to clarify if releasing tee times is permitted for your league:

1st Place By-Law: Makeup round scores may be adjusted by league coordinators if a makeup round  1st Place By-Law, which is: A team that finishes in 1st place on while playing on a designated league night retains 1st place for that round. Makeup rounds can only improve a team’s position up to a tie for 2nd place only.

    • Each league member’s mobile number (entered at registration) is subscribed to Weather Text Alerts.
    • League play will always remain on unless otherwise noted by Text Alert and E-mail.
    • Each course has a rain check policy in case cancellation or partial rounds are played.
    • Rain date(s) are built into the schedule for the end of the season (All rounds will be played).

Twilight Fours

    • 1st place is awarded to the team that accumulates the most Team Points at the conclusion of the season.
    • Individuals earn points for their team beginning in Round 2. The final two rounds (Majors) are weighted 2.5x points. See ‘Format‘ page for full outline.

Twilight Doubles

    • 1st place is awarded to the team with the best aggregate team score by taking the best 7 of 8 rounds. All teams will have their worst round dropped (which can include any round unable to attend).
    • Fall Seasons (6 Rounds): Fall leagues are shorter in duration and will be scored as best 5 of 6 rounds for each team.
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