Frequently Asked Questions
  • Teams are formed as close to age group and experience level as possible. You do not need a team or teammates to join. You may designate teammates at registration to be paired with for the season. All teams and teammates are confirmed prior to the first round.
  • Teams of 4 players for the season can play together for the season.
    • One person can register an entire team or there is a textbox to type in teammate(s) names at registration if signing up separately.
  • Yes, teams of 4 play together each week of the opening rounds and regular season. Tee times and team assignments are confirmed at least 48 hours before the 1st round. For the Majors (final two rounds), each foursome is split into twosomes to play alongside another team.
    • No individual handicaps are required. The league format adjusts for all ability levels to play together in the same league.
    • Flights are formed for the regular season and Majors to bridge together teams of different ability levels.
    • Each league member’s mobile number (entered at registration) has been added to Weather Text Alerts.
    • League play will remain on unless otherwise noted by text alert or e-mail.
    • Alerts will be sent no later than 4:00PM on league nights.
    • Each course has a rain check policy in case cancellation or partial rounds are played.
    • Two rain dates are built into the schedule for the end of the season.
    • It is normal to miss a round(s) over the course of the season. There are three options for any round you are unable to attend:

1.) You may pre-play to post a score for all rounds except Majors (Rounds must be played and posted before league night).

2.) A guest can substitute to play in your place (Substitute scores count equal towards team score).

3.) In the event of illness or emergency, you may request a tee time within 24 hours (next day) of the league round to post a qualifying score (with approval from league coordinator).

    • 1st place is awarded to the team that accumulates the most points after 9 rounds of the season. Team points are awarded each round of the Regular Season and Majors. See ‘Format‘ page for season outline.