Tee Times

  • Pre-registration required to be on the tee sheet for Week 1.
  • Registration will remain open until tee sheet is filled.
  • Teams are assigned a tee time for the season that suits each player’s schedule.
  • For tee time requests, please e-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com. Accommodations made on first come, first serve basis.


  • Teams of 4 to be formed before Week 1.
  • Same teams play together each week.
  • Play your own ball, keep your own score for 9 holes.
  • If you would like to be paired with another player or team, include their name(s) in the text box on the Registration form or e-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com.
  • Substitutes are welcome to fill in for league members when unable to attend.

2021 Team Points

Weekly scores and team standings will update once all scores have been posted.
E-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com for more details on your local league.

Prizes for top-finishing teams vary course to course. League coordinators will have details for each season.

Copy of League Member Benefits