#1 Rule: Have Fun!

Keep your own score & play as a team: The best of both worlds!


  • Weekly rounds for scheduled season with rain date(s) added.
  • Pre-registration required to be on the tee sheet for Week 1. Registration will remain open until tee sheet is filled.
  • Tee times: Play at a fixed tee time each week that suits your schedule. For tee time requests, please e-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com. Accommodations made on first come, first serve basis.
  • Substitutes are welcome in league play any week you or a teammate are unable to attend.


  • Teams of 4 will be formed leading up to Week 1.
  • Teams play together every week of the season.
  • If you would like to be paired with someone else who has registered, please include their name(s) in the text box during registration or e-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com.

2 Best Ball Format (Explained)

  • Each individual plays their own ball for 9 holes (Note: This is not a scramble format.)
  • The two lowest individual scores from each hole are added together to create the team score (Every hole is a team effort!).
  • Weekly points awarded based on team score (Similar to FedEx Cup point system, see below).
  • Triple Bogey Max – Be kind to yourself and remember we’re all trying to finish before dark!
Scorecard Sample

2019 Weekly Points System

Based on Team Score
1st Place – 100 Points
2nd Place – 85 Points
3rd Place – 70 Points
4th Place – 60 Points
5th/6th Place – 50 Points
7th/Xth Place – 40 Points

Weekly standings and scores will update once all scorecards have been submitted.
E-mail play@twilightgolfassociation.com for more details on your local league.